Price List

Price list aesthetic treatments in our clinic. Puriva Clinic published rates for all basic treatments and procedures. Here you can find an affordable solution that suits your needs. We will be happy to prepare tailor-made treatment packages for you.

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Botox, dermal fillers and other injectables treatments and procedures

Botox Allergan89.000
Xeomin Merz89.000
Juvederm Ultra Plus4.500.000
Juvederm Volbella4.500.000
Juvederm Volift4.500.000
Juvederm Voluma4.500.000
Juvederm Volux4.900.000
Teosyal Redensity I (3 ml)5.500.000
Teosyal Redensity I2.500.000
Teosyal Redensity II4.500.000
Teosyal Redensity Ultra Deep4.500.000
Teosyal RH24.500.000
Teosyal RH34.500.000
Teosyal RH44.500.000
GOURI Collagen Stimulator6.600.000
Profhilo Hybrid Skin Booster – Special Offer7.200.000
Profhilo Hybrid Body9.900.000
Radiesse Collagen Intensifyer8.500.000
Neuvia Organic Hydro Deluxe (2,5 ml)3.400.000
Nucleofill Polynucleotide4.500.000
XELA Rederm 1.8%5.000.000
Puriva Cleo X Skin Booster11.700.000
Puriva Anteage Hair Growth3.300.000
Acne Injection100.000
Keloid Injection300.000
Puriva Fat Burn Body2.500.000
Puriva Fat Burn Face1.500.000
Vitamin B Complex130.000
Vitamin C Injection400.000
Vitamin D Injection990.000
Nebido Injection3.800.000
Sustanon 250500.000
Platelet Rich Plasma1.500.000
Platelet Rich Plasma + Micro-Needling Face2.500.000
Platelet Rich Plasma + Micro-Needling Neck1.500.000
Meso Stem Injection2.100.000
Meso Stem Injection Face2.600.000
Meso Stem With Micro-Needling Face3.300.000
Meso Stem With Micro-Needling Hair Growth3.300.000
Puriva Meso Lippo Body1.600.000
Puriva Meso Lippo Face800.000
Puriva Weight Loss (4 Sessions)5.200.000
Vein Injection1.000.000
Human Growth Hormone – SAIZEN by MERCK3.500.000
Vaksin Gardasil HPV1.300.000

Sylfirm X

Sylfirm X Body5.600.000
Sylfirm X Face Or Neck4.800.000
Sylfirm X Face And Neck5.600.000

Liftera HIFU

Liftera HIFU Full Face And Neck (Special Rate)6.600.000
Liftera HIFU Lower Face3.900.000
Liftera HIFU Neck2.900.000
Liftera HIFU Upper Face1.900.000
Eye Lift With Liftera HIFU1.200.000

Fat freeze by Cristal (Cryolipolisis)

Fat Freeze by Cristal (per treatment)5.000.000

Ultimate Detox Program

Ultimate Detox4.800.000
Premium Detox3.800.000

THERADOME Hair Therapy

THERADOME Hair Therapy200.000
THERADOME Hair Therapy (package of 8)1.200.000


INTRAGEN GRID RF LIFT – Full Face And Neck (Special Rate)4.390.000
INTRAGEN GRID RF LIFT – Lower Face2.900.000
INTRAGEN GRID RF LIFT – Upper Face1.390.000
INTRAGEN GRID RF LIFT – Eyes Area1.390.000

INDIBA Deep Care

PURIVA INDIBA Deep Care Abdomen2.000.000
PURIVA INDIBA Deep Care Arms1.500.000
PURIVA INDIBA Deep Care Back2.200.000
PURIVA INDIBA Deep Care Breast2.000.000
PURIVA INDIBA Deep Care Buttocks2.000.000
PURIVA INDIBA Deep Care Calf1.500.000
PURIVA INDIBA Deep Care Face1.200.000
PURIVA INDIBA Deep Care Face And Neck2.000.000
PURIVA INDIBA Deep Care Hair1.200.000
PURIVA INDIBA Deep Care Neck1.000.000
PURIVA INDIBA Deep Care Thigh2.200.000
PURIVA INDIBA Deep Care Vagina2.000.000
PURIVA INDIBA Deep Care Package 10x12.000.000
PURIVA INDIBA Deep Care Package 20x22.000.000

Hair removal (per cycle)

Hair Removal Armpits500.000
Hair Removal Bikini Line700.000
Hair Removal Brazilian900.000
Hair Removal Full Arms1.300.000
Hair Removal Full Back2.200.000
Hair Removal Full Chest2.200.000
Hair Removal Full Legs2.200.000
Hair Removal Buttocks1.300.000
Hair Removal Half-Arms1.000.000
Hair Removal Half-Back1.400.000
Hair Removal Half-Chest1.400.000
Hair Removal Half-Face600.000
Hair Removal Half-Legs1.400.000
Hair Removal Hands600.000
Hair Removal Whiskers300.000
Hair Removal Half-Face Smaller500.000

Helios laser rejuvenation (per session)

Helios Laser Rejuvenation (Single Spot)500.000
Helios Laser Rejuvenation Dark Circle500.000
Helios Laser Rejuvenation Face1.500.000
Helios Laser Rejuvenation Neck1.200.000
Helios Laser Rejuvenation Face And Neck2.400.000
Helios Laser Rejuvenation Hands1.000.000
Helios Black Laser Rejuvenation Face1.800.000
Helios Laser Rejuvenation Lip550.000
Helios Laser Rejuvenation Chest2.250.000
Helios Laser Tattoo Removal500.000

IPL – intense pulse light treatment

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Acne Light Therapy1.000.000
Brightening Pulsed Light Face1.000.000
Brightening Pulsed Light Neck800.000
Brightening Pulsed Light Face And Neck1.400.000
Brightening Pulsed Light Hands600.000
Brightening Pulsed Light Half-Arms1.000.000
Brightening Pulsed Light Full Arms1.300.000
Brightening Pulsed Light Half-Back1.400.000
Brightening Pulsed Light Full Back2.200.000
Brightening Pulsed Light Chest1.200.000
Brightening Pulsed Light Abdomen1.200.000
Brightening Pulsed Light Legs2.200.000


Liquid Nitrogen300.000

Facial peeling, facial treatments & infusions

Glamazing Marine Facial1.100.000
Puriva Signature Facial1.100.000
Pure Oxygen Essence Facial990.000
Puriva Collagen Boost Facial1.500.000
Regular Chemical Peeling500.000
Premium Chemical Peeling600.000
Retinol Holywood Peeling880.000
TCA Cross600.000
Ultimate Infusion1.500.000
Vita Mix Infusion800.000


HGH Test (Woman)2.850.000
HGH Test (Man)3.100.000
NUTRIGENOME Test9.900.000
NUTRIGENME Test5.500.000
PSA Test600.000
Testosterone Test600.000
Testosterone Complete Test2.600.000
Vitamin D Check650.000
SHBG Test800.000


Online Video Consultation500.000
Pre-cancer screening500.000