Do you know that eating good food keeps your skin from stress?  The key to your skin health is good blood circulation as it brings the important elements to hydrate and nourish your skin, namely micronutrition and oxygen.  These elements are needed by your fibroblasts cells to synthesize collagen and stroma.  Skin that is healthy looks natural and well-hydrated, with even color and smooth texture.

Your skin will thank you for eating a balanced diet of fruit, vegetables, whole grains and lean proteins.  And also, by staying away from unhealthy fats and processed carbohydrates.  Skin is amazing; it is the largest organ of the body.  It provides protection for our body from external factors such as germs, chemicals and weather elements.  Treating your skin gently will pay off in the long term as it will preserve its youthful look. 

source of natural collagen

Make sure that you always protect your skin by using medical-grade sunscreen during the day.  Keep hydrated all the time – drink 3 liters of water every day and consult a Dermatologist for any persistent skin issues as this specialist can suggest the best options to treat your skin concerns, especially when you see spots, discolorations or a sore that is slow to heal.

A skin expert can also recommend cosmetic treatments which are designed to enhance youthful look and to promote skin health from within.  Take for an example Profhilo hybrid skin booster.  It is the first revolutionary bio-remodeling injectable treatment which stimulates the development of elastin and natural collagen inside your skin.  Profhilo gives your skin a firmer and smoother complexion without changing the shape of the face.  It is the solution you need to restore and tighten skin elasticity.  Profhilo also works wonder as a skin booster which gives hydration to the skin, adding that extra glow that we all love!

Good news is, Profhilo is going to launch their next product for the body.  It has been designed and specially tailored for tissue remodeling and improvement of skin laxity anywhere on your body, such as the inner arm, the abdomen, around your fingers, or anywhere else you want to see the improvement of the skin structure.

When considering Profhilo as your treatment of choice for keeping the fresh look of your skin and its health, care to search for the authorized products which are available at reputable clinics.  You can verify the originality of your Profhilo by finding the certified hologram and scanning the barcode that is located on the box.  Always make sure that you get your product from trusted, official sources as the authenticity defines the effectiveness of the treatment.  For instance, the original Profhilo must be distributed in a proper cold chain delivery and storage in order to ensure its optimum result.

Profhilo skin booster for healthier skin


We are proud and honored to receive Profhilo Partnership Award 2022, as an appreciation for the growth our clinic had in introducing and using Profhilo as one of the most sought-after treatments in our facility.  Profhilo has become the chosen treatment by our esteemed patients for collagen stimulator as well.  If you haven’t heard about Profhilo, contact us and we will be more than happy to recommend it based on your aesthetic goals and needs.

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